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Year in Review? Not!

Let's not review the past year why? Because it's PAST! Let's look forward to what's coming and focus on continued growth and prosperity. I've made the decision to throw it all in this upcoming year and Get Rich or Die Tryin? Nah, not really. I'm not ready to die but I am fully committed to true wealth building and 100% financial freedom and independence. I'm personally tired of the human rat race of working the day away and having no time to enjoy living.

Who came up with this system? And how was everyone convinced to participated in it? I never could understand why the majority of the world would bust their asses wasting most of their lives away making someone else's dream come true while neglecting their own lives and happiness. Now when I look back I see the insanity of that concept. For all of those in the past who said get a "Real Job" and "Give up on that Dream", "It'll never work", screw you and all that you stand for. You go right ahead and continue working to make the next man wealthy. I'm working on making me wealthy.

I'm not looking forward to Social Security, 401K pensions, and what ever programs that may or may not be available to sustain me in my old age. I'm not about to work until the day I day just to live. Moving forward it's all about growth, prosperity, and living life.

I hope you join me in the coming year as we work to improve the quality of life for all involved. It won't cost you but an hour of your time every week to log on and watch my show. Join the conversation and let's figure out a better plan for living.

See you in 2022!

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