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**NEEWER S23 Ultra Phone Cage Video Rig Kit**

Designed exclusively for the **Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra**. This CNC aluminum alloy phone cage offers comprehensive protection while maintaining full accessibility for indoor and outdoor use. Here are the key features:

1. **Comprehensive Protection**:

- The phone cage keeps cameras, side function buttons, and the USB port fully accessible.

- Interior rubber cushions provide reliable protection.

2. **Dual Lens Backplanes**:

- Included backplates support both **17mm threaded lenses** and **M mount lenses** (compatible with Moment lens and NEEWER 17mm threaded external phone lenses).

- Easily switch between backplates using the included L-shaped hex key and screws.

3. **67mm Circular Camera Lens Filter Adapter**:

- Attach circular ND, CPL, UV, or effects filters (not included) using the 67mm threaded filter adapter.

- Compatible with K&F and Tiffen filters.

4. **RGB Light & Ball Head Mini Tripod**:

- Attach the **APP-controlled RGB62 mini RGB light** and the **TP29 small desktop tripod** using the cold shoe and 1/4" thread.

- The tripod enables multi-angle shooting and doubles as a handheld selfie stick.

5. **Wireless Bluetooth Shutter Release Side Handle**:

- The PS005E Side Handle Grip features a built-in 100mAh rechargeable battery.

- Pair it with your smartphone via Bluetooth for photo and video capture.

- Use it while charging via the USB Type-C port.

6. **Dual Side Handles**:

- Aluminum alloy handles provide stability during handheld shooting.

- Attach them horizontally or vertically to either side of the cage using 1/4" hand screws.

- Rotate 360° for various usage options, such as a phone desktop stand or monitor stand.

7. **Expand Possibilities**:

- Multiple 1/4" screw holes and cold shoe mounts allow for accessories like LED lights and wireless microphones.

- Ideal for YouTube, TikTok, vlogging, live streaming, photography, and videography.

In summary, the NEEWER S23 Ultra Phone Cage Video Rig Kit enhances your smartphone videography experience, offering versatility and stability for creative content creation. 📸🎥

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