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Be the Change you Want

2019 is upon us and many of you are making resolutions for the new year. Most of you will break those resolutions within the first 3 months. Every year it's the same old pattern so what's makes you think that this year will be any different?

Well, for me what will make it different is the fact that I can't go anywhere but up. 2018 was the most challenging and disappointing year of my life personally and professionally. I had a stroke at the beginning of the year and from then on it was a domino effect which took me all the way down to total financial loss and homelessness so I have no choice other than to make the necessary changes and work to regain my life and surpass all that I've ever accomplished in the past.

I'm already on the path to redemption, rebuilding my business, creating multiple streams of income, re-evaluating what's really important like family, community, and paying it forward. So many of you are living paycheck to paycheck just one week away from disaster. Going through life with blinders on to what's happening around you, living selfishly with no regard for anything other than your own desires.

Something that I learned this past year is that we all need one another. No one, and I mean "NO ONE" can become successful without the help of those around us. Of course those around us can bring us much pain and disappointment too, but regardless of where you are at in your life you still need help whether directly or indirectly from someone. If you're running a business you need customers to buy your product or services, you need a team of advisors or a mentor to help you shape your ideas and deployment strategies, you need the love and support of family and friends to keep you grounded.

Keep this in mind as you go into the new year. If you truly want to change your situation then you have to change your mind. You have to change the way you think about everything! You have to reprogram your mind for success. Leave the drama and the hate behind. Move forward with compassion and understanding. Commit to being different and the universe will accommodate. Lose your stubborn pride and when you need help ask for it. And when someone asks don't hesitate to give. We all have difficult times in our lives and we don't know the other persons story so don't judge.

We are all one

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