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My first Dose of the Pfizer Vaccine

So today I received my first vaccination shot and it was a very non-eventful experience. Simple went into the VA (on appointment) signed in and verified my identity and got my shot.

Because I do have certain allergies to other medications I was monitored for 30 minutes afterwards then giving my 2nd dose appointment.

Now as many of my followers may or may not know, I initially said that I would get the vaccine. I recently changed my mind after doing much research and on advice from my Son (who i

s a healthcare professional) and out of concern for my loved ones close to me.

We still don't know much about the true origins of the virus but I do know personally that it is real. And I don't really care where it came from, I just know that I don't want to be part of the continuing problem and potentially infecting those close to me. So if getting the vaccine will save another's life then I'm good with taking one or two actually for the team.

Covid-19 has taken over a 1/2 million American lives this past year and unfortunately many more will be lost that actually don't have to die. I'm not here to convince you to get vaccinated but would ask that before you make a final decision not to, you do real unbiased research. So many conspiracy theories and false information is circulating and it's really a damn shame that our society has come to such a divisive crossroads.

And with everything else that we are facing in our society like unbridled racism, police killing black folk indescriminately, and a completely failed political structure it would seem a serious healthcare crisis would not be so devisive.

There is a very dark storm hanging over our country but I am optimistic that we will weather the storm and get through to the other side. All I ask of you is that you stay safe, be considerate of others and don't believe everything the Internet tells you.

As I am writing this post I

've found that a very close and dear friend of mine was recently exposed and is now ill. Praying for my friend.

Go forth with love and respect. Life is short and we all have to live it the best way we can.

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