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Cleveland's hip hop/R&B artist, SuperStar Kay, released his latest single “Wan More Luv” June 2020. “Wan More Luv” is a response to the internal struggle everyone has when trying to decide if it’s ok to trust and love again. This song delivers island vibes coupled with a hip hop twist. SuperStar Kay exhibits his ability to meet every artistic challenge with this hit! Having done the production, lead vocals, and rap feature; his talent and versatility shines through without question.
Superstar Kay was born Christopher Richardson in February 1990 in Cleveland, OH. His interest in music was developed at an early age when he was encouraged by his aunt to sing in church. Initially music was literally just an interest, but fashion design was his passion. It wasn’t until he decided to try his attempt at producing when he found out he was really good at it and began to nurture that talent.
He established Khyng-Jayden Productions in 2001 and was highly successful starting out. He later signed producers Akitak (Memphis, TN) and Chase (Houston, TX). In 2012 Superstar Kay moved to Valdosta, GA and partnered with Fatima Carter to establish 937 Magazine, an online publication that catered to independent artist. After a year he decided to place 937 Magazine on hiatus and went back to focusing more on producing. To make himself more appealing as a producer he began writing and donating his voice for hooks. In 2015, he moved to Indianapolis, IN and opened his third studio, The Shadow Gallery, and added engineering to his resume.
In late 2016, after growing tired of mumble rap and meaningless lyrics being glorified, Superstar Kay decided it was time to emerge from behind the scenes and become a recording artist. His singles “Club Lights”, “Overtime”, and Pilots” have received a large number of plays and positive reviews. Since 2016, SuperStar Kay has released two studio albums (with the latest consisting of 60 tracks), seven playlists, and eight singles. SuperStar Kay was named “Artist of the Week” on, was featured in Straight Official and NUTTS Magazines, and has been interviewed on a number of internet radio shows and podcasts. He has performed throughout his hometown of Cleveland, Columbus, Pittsburgh, and Indianapolis. His music is available on all streaming platforms.

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