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Artist Review 01 - Cris Cray

Cris Cray / Rapper / Poet - Cris Cray has endured a lot in his young years. Before his entry into the Rap game Cris was writing a different story. After a short time in lock up for what could have been a lifetime of incarceration, Cris decided that he had to change his life. With not many practical skills he found that he had a real talent for songwriting and music arrangement. So, like many young guys before him he made the decision to tell his story through the power of music and rap.


Cris began writing and honing his skills in local talent shows and competitions as well as collaborations with numerous local artists and producers all over South Florida. 2019 brought the release of his first major effort "Craytropolus". An ecclectic collection of Hip-Hop infused with Cris' own brand of poetic justice.

I was introduced to Cris Cray when he came to my former Studio "Lyrical Legends". I thought he was super talented but more importantly he was hungry. He had a passion for the music like I hadn't seen in many artists before. His style was unique, his drive was relentless. Never one to give up on his passion. Cris Cray has recently released his single "Spiritual".is a deep melodic joint w/production by JuztBronson. I give it 5 mics on lyrical content, arrangement and production. Cris Cray is a true storyteller. His star is shining bright and skys the limit for this young spitter. Visit his world at: and find him on all Social Media Platforms.

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