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Self Reliance is the only Solution to the Black Communities problems!

As fate would have it, I just can't avoid my true calling to me a Mentor and Motivator. I thought that I was done with this industry but somehow I'm always led back to what I am good at. We as humans seem to fight against what the universe has for us often finding ourselves living a life that we really don't love.

I've finally decided for myself to submit to the will of the universal forces at work and dive back into what has been my passion for most of my adult life. I am considering re-opening a recording and production studio once I can purchase new gear, find a suitable location, and build it out the way I should have long ago. Many of you who follow me have watched me go back and forth between business ventures and projects over the years only to bounce back into the media world. This is where my heart is and even though it hasn't always been lucrative financially, it has always been rich in personal fulfillment.

I love creating and helping young souls pursue their dreams as well as sharing my life experiences in the hopes that it will someday allow someone to grow and prosper beyond their wildest dreams. But what about my dreams you might ask? My dream has always been to create opportunities for those behind me because I've always believed that in order to secure a bright and stable future we must nurture and educate the young ones so that when we are too old to take care of ourselves we wouldn't have to worry about who would be leading the world we left behind.

It's every generations responsibility to ensure that we leave a strong foundation for those that come after us in order to guarantee the survival of our species. Unfortunately the Black community has failed miserably in sustaining our future. Black folk in general are stuck in an endless cycle of self destruction. We don't teach our children the importance of saving, investing in the future, self reliance, and for that our race is suffering catastrophically in every area of life. Sure, there are many successful Black Folk and Families doing their part but we need more to step up. We need to figure out how to light the fire of self awareness without dwelling on the past crimes committed against us.

We need to stop waiting on a Savior that is never coming. We need to reprogram our minds on a mass scale if we are to survive as a people. Some of you will disagree and that's okay. But I think we all can agree that what we've been doing thus far hasn't worked so it's time for a change. Be the change that you want to see in your immediate community. Stop co-signing the bullshit that we have come to accept within our own communities. Yes, the system is designed against us and no matter what we do that won't change. But what we can do is create our own system. WHAT SAY YOU?

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