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  • Kenneth O Jackson

An Black American Family

We are now living in a very pivotal time in history. We have a President who is actively trying to undue the last 200 plus years of progress in America. Donald Trump, a man who has never served this country in no way what so ever and who's family has never served nor contributed anything to the country is systematically dismantling our democracy and way of life. Probably the greatest enemy to our freedom and liberty he is now attempting to redefine what a True American patriot is. Well, I can't let that happen.

Dear Mr. Trump,

I’m Ken Jackson average hardworking proud Brown American who is really tired of your crap. You see, I come from a family who against great odds have made the most of life in America even though America hasn’t always treated us very well.

See my grandfather below? He served and died in WWII at a time when Black Americans were still being lynched and terrorized in our country.

See my Dad, he’s a Vietnam Vet who to this day feels as though America has let us down but he is still proud and strong in is efforts to keep hope alive.

See me? I volunteered and served proudly and honorably hoping to see a better day for us all. But you have reawakened the hate and racism that my Grandfather and Father before me fought to eradicate. You can be assured that we will do everything we can to make you a one term or impeached Resident of the White House.

Considering the fact that you, Donald J. Trump are a draft dodging coward who has no place defining someone’s patriotism! My family and I served honorably and proudly and unfortunately because we are "True Patriots" we understand how someone like you can be elected to the highest office in this land. But it also brings me great comfort in knowing that we can vote your ass out the next time around. Enjoy your position while you still have it because hopefully sooner than later America will expel you like the stinking vomit you are.

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